I was having a conversation with someone the other evening and I began to preface something I was about to say with “When I worked at…” to which they replied “I feel like you’ve worked everywhere.  Is there anywhere you haven’t worked?”

This got me thinking… Between starting to work when I was really young and later juggling multiple jobs through my 20’s, I’ve worked at a fairly random assortment of places.  Some of these jobs were freelance that I only worked a handful of time, however here’s a somewhat comprehensive list, as best as I can remember at the moment.  I may come back and adjust it later if I figure out that I skewed a few details.


Age 9-13 – Data Entry for a CPA (my dad)

Age 13 – Sweeping floors at a Hair Salon at the Parks Mall on weekends

Age 14 – Sacker at Tom Thumb

Age 16 – Traffic Counting for a data company (it’s a real thing)

Age 18 – Barista at Coffee Haus

Age 19 – Barista, Technical Coordinator at Creative Arts Theatre & School

Age 20 – Technical Coordinator, Waiter at Bennigan’s in Fort Worth

Age 21 – Waiter at Bennigan’s in Plano, Security Guard with Hero Security

Age 22 – Actor in Austin for Friday Night Lights & other various film gigs, Gas Station Attendant in Atlanta, TX

Age 23 – Telephone Customer Service Agent for American Airlines AAdvantage Program

Age 24 – Telephone Customer Service, Security Guard, Camera Back Up for Cheaters

Age 25 – Security Guard, Camera Back Up, Waiter at Chili’s in Euless

Age 26 – Prop Designer and Art Department Coordinator in the Philippines at Bigfoot Studios

Age 27 – Camera Back Up, Store Builder for Spirit Halloween Store, Freelance Film Work, Assistant to the Executive Director at Creative Arts Theatre & School

Age 28 – Assistant to the Executive Director, Art Department for Best Funeral Ever, Cataloging Financial Documents for a Private Investor, Camera Back Up

Age 29 – Assistant to the Executive Director, Public Relations Intern for Tony Pompa For State Senate, Social Media Manager for Tandy Leather, Camera Back Up

Age 30 – Social Media Manager for Tandy Leather

Age 31 (current) – Social Media Manager for Tandy Leather


This may all seem random, however I’ve cultivated a lot of unique skills over the years that tend to come in handy pretty regularly and have helped me be fairly well equipped to deal with a variety of challenges.  I am thankful for every experience that has helped me get to where I am.


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