New for 2016

I’ve seen a handful of these 365/52/12 going around this last year and figured I’d try something new for 2016 (and hopefully stick with it). The premise is simple: make daily, weekly, and/or monthly goals throughout the year to work towards something.
Here’s what I am initially thinking:

Daily (365) – Work out at least 15 minutes a day. It may not seem like much, but it’s a start! Between a desk job and school, I’m not nearly as active as I would like. I’ve dropped about 50 lbs since August through being mindful of my food, but I think getting in healthy routines will help me continue to drop and to keep it off.  (For day 1, I went to an arcade and played laser tag, Dance Dance Revolution, and basketball.   Gotta mix it up!)

Weekly (52) – As super lame as it may sound, I think I’m going to try to start a weekly blog (yes, the one that you are reading right now). Between writing term papers and advertising copy, I feel like I’ve somewhat lost “my voice” in my writing and perhaps creating something on the regular will help combat that. It may be a consortium of recipes, reactions to something learned in grad school, book reviews, comments on business articles, random stories I’ve always meant to write down and haven’t… who knows what else. More for me than anyone else, but it will be publicly available.

Monthly (12) – Text books and scholarly articles have dominated my reading for the last few years, but I want to do more recreational reading. Time is somewhat limited through the end of grad school (should graduate at the end of Summer), so the books I select will probably be quicker reads, at least initially. They may be books on leadership, fiction, history, business success, biographies, or whatever else I can get my hands on that looks good. I have a bookshelf of things I’ve been meaning to read, however suggestions are welcome!

Other Goals for 2016:

Chip away at some debt. It’s not a monumental amount, but it’s enough that it feels inhibiting and burdensome. Although student loans will continue to loom, if I can at least get out of credit card debt, I’ll be have less financial anxiety. Currently I’m paying for grad school classes as they come, so the budget can be a little tight, but if I allocate the extra income freelance work and the budget overages from months with 3 pay periods, it might be feasible. Also, I might leverage my tax return to buy a cash car and then sell mine back to the dealership. This would get me out from under another piece of debt and also free up a little money to apply towards credit cards.

Get down to 190 lbs. When my girlfriend and I first signed up for Slim4Life, I set my goal at 220. They insisted that I was selling myself short if I let myself stop there, but the idea of loosing 50 lbs just to get to 220 seemed impossible. Now that I’ve hit the 220 mark, I’m the fittest I’ve been in my adult life, however I want to get to 190… if nothing else, just to see what it would look like. Weight loss has slowed because I’ve started seeing results, so it’s harder to keep focused and not justify resuming some previous eating habits, but I need to buckle down and follow through.

Prepare my house to be ready for sale. This was a goal for last year that fell by the way side with everything else that happened. I probably wouldn’t be something I can fully accomplish in 2016 (particularly if I’m not dedicating large chunks of money to it), but I want to at least start fixing minor projects, purging storage, and creating an inventory of what needs to be done. I love my house and have been there for nearly a decade, however I also want to position myself to be available for change as opportunities present themselves.


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