You Do You, Boo Pt. 2 

I had a weird series of dreams last night. I can only image that recent conversations with my friend Eddie about his upcoming Europe has reawakened the part of my brain that misses the freedom of traveling.

In the dream, I was never really traveling, I just happened to be at a bunch of different places around the world. Right before I woke up from the dream, I was living on a large estate in Mexico and one of my friends from the UK was staying with me. I was on my way home from class (I’m stuck in school even in my dreams!) and decided to give him a phone call to see what he was up to. He didn’t answer.

I got back to the estate and he was casually mowing the lawn with a push mower while wearing a Manchester United jersey and said to me:
“Please don’t ever do that again. Don’t try to make your plans with me; we’ll both just feely awkwardly obligated to chit chat and ultimately be disappointed. Instead, perhaps say ‘Hey, I’m having going to have tea here’ and maybe I’ll join. Or maybe I won’t. But have tea because you want to have tea, and simply appreciate the company of another if it happens. You can better appreciate unforced moments that way.”

I’m not quite sure why I remembered this little diatribe so well, but it’s kind of stuck with me this morning.


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