Why 5 Stars Isn’t Enough For This Mediocre Netflix Series

Like many, I have a tendency to binge watch new series that come out (currently trying to finish new House of Cards so I can move on to season two of Daredevil before all the Electra and Punisher spoilers start surfacing).  Usually this binge watching is somewhat passive while I do other things, such as cooking or cleaning or doing homework.

I whipped through Jessica Jones when it first came out and thought it was enjoyable; not as a good as Daredevil, but better than Agents of Shield.  I felt that it was somewhat of a thinly veiled attempt to monetize unimportant (inexpensive) characters in the Marvel universe to weave together other plot points and introduce more unimportant (inexpensive) characters for their own spin off series.  It seemed to be more of a drama than a superhero show, which was fine, just wasn’t really my thing.
Recently, a friend recommended the series to my wife, so I’ve been re-watching it with her… And noticed something much different the second time around. Watching this show with a survivor of emotional abuse made me realize… This show wasn’t made for me.
It reminds me somewhat of the European posters in subway stations that are a different message for children than for adults based on height telling them how to get help if they are in abuse situations.  Everything from Jessica’s coping mechanisms to overcoming the control of another, this show is like subtle council and empowerment for those in emotionally abuse situations to help them take their lives back.
I genuinely applaud the producers and writers and everyone else for taking on such a difficult and powerful subject in a way, and doing it somewhat discretely.  Seeing a media entity leveraging their influence to try and help others rather than just for product placement kind of makes you think of what could be done on a larger scale.

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