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I had a pretty good run in the film industry for about 10 years; however, no matter how interesting other projects worked on might have been, the only two things anyone seems to care about is that I was a football player on the Friday Night Lights series and that I free-lanced for Cheaters.  You can find a listing of some of the different projects I worked on through my IMDB Page.




Sometimes, the people you meet inspire you to join them on their journey, no matter how random or niche it may be.  I had the opportunity to work with world-class leatherworker Jim Linnell, whose encouragement, mentoring, and passion for his art ignited my enthusiasm for leathercraft.  Although I don’t always have as much time as I’d like to dedicate to actually honing my leather skills, I have found some solace in helping develop better resources for others… both through instruction and historical research.

A few of the articles I’ve written, videos I’ve produced, or projects I’ve worked on:

“The Best Way To Sew Leather Is Actually By Hand!” on

“DIY Leather Sheath for a Hatchet” on

“Beginner Leathercraft Project: Leather Valet Tray” video

“Beginner Leathercraft Project: Drawstring Leather Bag” video

“Beginner Leathercraft Project: Fun With Remnant Packs” video

“Learning Leathercraft With Jim Linnell” video series

“An Interview With George Hurst” video

“Ye Olde’ Airship, Leather Lessons” video series

“Leaders In Leathercraft” blog series on



I by no means claim to be a professional photographer, however I recreationally enjoy setting up shots and finding visually interesting opportunities to capture.  The world is a beautiful place, and sometimes it makes the job easy for you.


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